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With a genuine passion for satisfying results, we make websites that are as unique and special as the clients who need them. Our developers, UX Designers and branding specialists are here to help.

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We provide professional technical assistance, guidance in improving your experience with technology and offer a wide variety of solutions to make your website trustworthy and secure.

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In one simple sentence: We do our best to make your life easier!

We evolve, together!

We originally started as a web design studio and a digital marketing agency with the plan to form and grow self-standing devisions of devoted and goal-oriented teams.
These teams would combine their collective knowledge in undertaking big projects from start to finish, while at the same time, they would be able to work individually, offerring their services in smaller projects and drastically reduce prices for smaller companies, according to their needs.
After successfully establishing our place in the market, we added remote and on-site maintenance to our services in 2013. Later that same year, we expanded to the media editing and film production field. What begun as a bounch of small advertising projects, came to be a professional stand alone team capable of undertaking big projects with extraordinary results that we are really proud of.
Lastly the always one-step-ahead lead of our PR department, decided to take a leap into event organization. Despite it was not directly related to what we were doing, it was nevertheless what this company is all about. Ideas, opportunities, potential.
But enough talking about us… Contact us now to find out how we can improve and elevate your business, today!

Maintanence Plans

Help ensure that your system remains free from data corruption, security breaches, and poor network performance.

    Basic Tasks:
  • Physical Hardware Checks.
  • Backup & Restore.
  • Software Updates & Licensing.
  • Event Logs & Services.
  • Disk Management.
  • Security & Anti-Virus.
  • Active Directory.
  • Network Performance.

    Other Tasks:
  • Check server performance.
  • Check DHCP, DNS & WINS configurations.
  • Check WSUS synchronisation logs.
  • Confirm Group Policies settings.
  • Check the up-time of servers, switches and routers.
  • Test UPS battery performance.
  • Make a hardware profile in case you need to roll back to last known config.
  • Test contingency remote access mechanisms.

Media Editing

Want to turn your raw footage into flawless productions? We are here for you! Using the industry-leading video editing software and techniques, we deliver results out of this world.
Whether you’re just starting out, or you want to boost your footage, we can edit, adjust color, refine audio, and many more!
From Instagram photos or youtube videos, to film productions and your next masterpiece, we got you covered. Ask for a free sample today!

Special Effects

  • - Putting together the blueprint.
  • - Checking for mistakes.
  • - Setting the timeframes.
  • - Evaluate content and update notes.

Our team of visual effects artists are passionate about films, working with directors, creators, vloggers and filmmakers from all around the world to bring their visions to life!
Every single person involved in production and visual effects is important and essential to achieving a flawless final product. And the key is great communication. If the communication is poor, the production will suffer and deadlines will not be met.
Our team succeeds simply because it's well orchestrated. Keeping the hierarchy, VFX editors stay on top of communication, frequently checking in with other people to make sure that they are on the same page and to stay up to date as to what still needs to be done and accomplished.
Got a new project in mind?

Event Organizing

Are you a company hosting a trade shows, convention, company picnics, parties, and meetings for staff members, board members, or stockholders. Planning a huge party for your special occasion? Just prepare to have a good time and leave the rest to us!
Our certified event planner will do all the research, design, organization, coordination and evaluation will deal with the food, the place, the decorations and you and your guests, or clients will have the time of your life!

Meet the team

You probably have already met them, this is just our inner-core team, and it is here to welcome you to our website!

The nommax pinboard

Here you can read our news, announcements and other related posts and Top-picks of the month.

Fake US university
129 students arrested

  • Jake
  • 01 February 2019

A website for the University of Farmington showed pictures of students in classes and libraries, or relaxing around an ideal grassy campus. It advertised tuition for undergraduates at $8,500 (£6,500) a year and $11,000 a year for graduate students. It also had a fake Facebook page with a calendar of events!

But court papers released last week showed that although it was advertised as being based in Michigan state, the "campus" was an office at a business park in a Detroit suburb and was in fact run by undercover agents from the Department of Homeland Security to expose "pay-to-stay" immigration fraud.

A total of 130 students - including 129 from India - were arrested on Wednesday and charged with civil immigration charges, the Detroit Free Press reported. The students face possible deportation if convicted. Separately, eight people who allegedly acted as recruiters were charged with conspiracy to commit visa fraud and "harbouring aliens for profit".

The Indian government said the students could have been tricked into enrolling. Some immigration advocates in the US also believe innocent foreigners were trapped by the government.The US embassy in Delhi confirmed it had received the note of protest but made no further statement. Meanwhile a telephone hotline for worried relatives of those being held has been set up at the Indian embassy in Washington, the Times of India reported.

US immigration authorities have resorted to increasingly tough enforcement tactics in recent years. In a precedent to the latest sting, immigration agents set up the fake University of Northern New Jersey in 2016 under the Obama administration. A total of 21 people, mostly from China and India, were arrested. Over the past two years, the Trump administration has further clamped down on undocumented migrants with workplace raids and hundreds of arrests.

Plans for a larger hadron collider

  • Kristen
  • 17 January 2019

CERN, the Geneva based particle physics research centre is proposing an accelerator that is almost four times longer and ten times more powerful. The aim is to have the FCC hunting for new sub-atomic particles by 2050.

Critics say that the money could be better spent on other research areas such as combating climate change. But Cern's Director-General, Prof Fabiola Gianotti described the proposal as "a remarkable accomplishment".

"It shows the tremendous potential of the FCC to improve our knowledge of fundamental physics and to advance many technologies with a broad impact on society," she said... You can read more in this very interesting article by Pallab Ghosh - Science correspondent, BBC News, by clicking bellow.

Digital Currencies

  • Kris
  • 26 November 2018

Bitcoin(BTC) and Etherium (ETH) dropped sharply this month. Only the current week, prominent coins fell up to 70% in just a matter of days and it is only natural that many belive that the crypto-currency era is over...

On the contrary, experts have agreed that it would be better for central banks to adopt some of the techniques of crypto-currencies for dealings between themselves and other big players in the global financial scene.

At a recent conference in Abu Dhabi on blockchain technology and the financial industry, the governor of the UAE central bank said that he was in discussions with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority over the potential launch of a digital currency in a ground-breaking joint venture between the two countries.

It is to be hoped that the potential currency being studied by the two is an improvement on Bitcoin, the best known of the cryptocurrencies — but which has also become one of the most controversial phenomena in the financial world.

Boosted earnings for the gaming industry

  • Jerrica
  • 30 October 2018

Sony eyes record profit as gaming hits boost earnings, while at rival Nintendo they also see strong sales of their gaming products.
For Sony, the upgrade comes after strong sales in its Playstation division drove revenues in the second quarter.
IDC gaming analyst Sam Reynolds said both Japanese firms had posted "impressive earnings based on the strength of the gaming market".He said Sony could credit strong sales to "the quality of games on the platform" which include bestsellers God of War and Spider-Man, while demand for Red Dead Redemption II has also been high.
Along with gaming, Sony's movie unit and music business also supported profits during the second quarter and helped offset challenges in its mobile division.
The "Switch", launched in 2017 and it has proved a runaway success for Nintendo. It has become the fastest-selling game console in the Japanese firm's history and Nintendo's biggest hit since the Wii was launched in 2006. But trade tensions between the US and China could cast a shadow over future earnings...

Robot jellyfish to monitor the coral reefs

  • Perry
  • 19 September 2018

A very promising project of a fleet of robotic jellyfish has been designed to monitor delicate ecosystems, including the coral reefs.
The design is intended to be less environmentally disruptive than a drone submarine, according to Prof Erik Engeberg, of Florida Atlantic University.
To move, the robots use eight silicon rubber tentacles powered by pumps. Water flows into the tentacles, filling them up and then - as the pumps are switched off - it flows back into the surrounding sea again. This propels the robot jellyfish forward and produces a lifelike flapping motion.
The only drawback is that the man-made jellyfish might be eaten by turtles and other sea mammals. Prof John Turner, a marine biologist at Bangor University proposed that the designers should consider adding an acoustic warning device, or giving the jellyfish an "unpalatable taste".
You can read more details about that project in this very interesting article by BBC Tech news

NASA will launch a Space laser, to track Earth's melting ice

  • Kristen
  • 28 August 2018

According to the following article by Meghan Bartels, NASA is preparing to launch a new cutting-edge, laser-armed satellite named ICESat-2 that will spend three years studying Earth's changing ice sheets from space. While the mission is optimized for studying ice at the poles, its data should also aid scientists studying forests around the planet.
ICESat-2, which cost a little over $1 billion and is about the size of a Smart car, will follow two previous major NASA projects to monitor ice thickness. Back in 2003, the original ICESat-1 began seven years of laser-aided measurements of ice height, bouncing a single laser off the surface of the ice. Because ICESat-2 wasn't ready to launch when the original mission ended, NASA designed a stopgap airplane-based mission called "Operation IceBridge" to track particularly crucial areas of ice.
After the launch, the team behind ICESat-2 will spend two months commissioning the spacecraft to make sure everything is working properly before it begins gathering science data. The mission is scheduled to last for three years, although the spacecraft will carry enough fuel to potentially stay at work for more than 10 years, should NASA choose to extend the program.

Google's censored version for China

  • Jake
  • 31 July 2018

There have been rumors after Google's CEO Sundar Pichai trip to China back in December of 2017 to discuss the tech company’s future in the country and the plan to launch a censored search engine reportedly accelerated from there. The search giant is building a government appropriate version of itself for the huge Chinese market.
The news about Google, comes from reporter Ryan Gallagher at the Intercept, who has seen confidential internal documents about the plans for a censored search engine.
Code-named "Dragonfly", Google’s new technology has reportedly been in development for over a year and has already been demonstrated to some Chinese government officials. According to the Intercept, roughly 200 employees at Google are working on the new censored search engine. Most are based at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, though others are reportedly spread out across the United States.

Microsoft is acquiring GitHub

  • Fotis
  • 4 June 2018

GitHub is a large code repository, very popular with developers as well as big tech companies like Apple, Amazon and Google hosting entire projects, documentation, and code. There are currently 85 million repositories hosted on GitHub, while 28 million developers contribute to them.
Microsoft killed its own GitHub competitor, Codeplex, in December. GitHub aquisition will in one hand make it more trusted to use for projects and source control, as Microsoft is already trusted across software and services by many companies.
On the other hand, trust and respect won’t be easy for Microsoft to maintain. GitLab, a GitHub competitor, claims it has seen a huge increase in the amount of developers moving their repositories over to its service, which is an early sign of unrest in the developer community.

Maintenance and Privacy update

  • System Administrator
  • 07 May 2018

With commitment to always offering the most recent technologies, we will be undergoing a scheduled update and maintenance. All services, besides the main website, will remain active and no users will be affected by this procedure.
We would also like to inform you that our Privacy policy has been updated to comply with the recent GDPR. You can read the full regulation here, while our privacy policy can be found at the footer of the website at any time and urge you to read read it, while for any inquiries and/or clarifications, you are very welcome as always to contact us.

Ethical hacking

  • Perry
  • 12 April 2018

While conventional security measures are necessary in any organization, it is very important to obtain the perspective of people who could potentially threaten systems. Organizations have been allowing a category of hackers, known as ethical or "white hat" hackers, to identify system vulnerabilities and provide suggestions on fixing them.
These ethical hackers, analyze and penetrate the systems to identify vulnerabilities with the consent of the system owners or stakeholders. Then they provide recommendations on improving security measures.
With the help of a trusted IT team it is important that the role and scope of ethical hackers to be clearly defined.
The IT team of any serious enterprise has to be present and maintain checks and balances so that the hired hacker does not exceed his job scope or cause any damage to any of the systems.

The Arrow Smartwatch

  • Kris
  • 20 March 2018

The Arrow is one of the most promising, innovative and appealing smartwatche to show its face since the rise of wearables. Arrow is the world's first smartwatch with a 360° rotatable 1080P HD camera.
It is meticulously engineered for functionality, while designed to be versatile with any style & is compatible with Android & iOS smartphones.
Fitness stats, alerts, reminders, events, calendar, weather, social media... Capture, record, edit & share instantly.
With it's integrated camera, Arrow reimagines the way you'll use a smartwatch.

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